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Agrosta designs and produces innovative scientific instruments for life : Food, especially fruits and vegetables, medicine and


Electronic instruments and machines for life and nature : Food, medicine, pharmacy. The specificity of measuring the living lies in large variations within the same batch or sample. The statistical aspect is very important. We have started operations in 1985 under the name “Agro Technologie”, the co-inventor of the Durofel machine dedicated to soft fruits and vegetables firmness measurement. Since then, we provide the best value for money instruments worldwide to packers, growers, manufacturers, researchers, goverments and universities. Agrosta exports to 74 countries, our main markets are Spain, India, USA and South Africa. We start to export more and more to Asia and Oceania : Agrosta becomes a reference in Indonesia and Australia. We design simple, easy to use and efficient instruments for measuring texture, size, color+ infrared and weight. In order to keep low production costs and high quality, we use open source technologies and 3D printing. So we have the tools to design in a very short time any specific instrument. We have simplified all administrative procedures in order to focus on technology and service to clients. Agrosta is considered as world leader in : Blueberries firmness testing, Chicken breasts texture measurement to detect deep myopathy, Turntable laboratory multifunctional machines for soft fruits, Cherries maturity testing, Tomato firmness testing. We intend to become soon leaders in the fields of : Versatile texturometry for food, Near Infrared measurements of fruits and vegetables pulp.. If you choose to work with Agrosta, you are sure to buy the best technology worldwide for the best price ! Laurent Klotz, the owner and founder of Agrosta, is an engineer. He has worked many years in the aerospace industry : Onboard instruments on Ariane 5 and Soyuz, self-destruction systems for rockets, and avionics instruments. He is fascinated by instrumentation, and has designed his first electronic boards at the age of 12. Laurent has been involved as well in the new LHC line of the CERN of Geneva, that did find the Higgs Boson.. He loves to design and sell instruments for agronomy and medicine, and will always be available for listening to your requirements
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